July 29, 2009

Idea for a new Cooking TV show

An awesome idea for a new TV show, since I currently don't own a TV ..

Ok, I'll never get around to making this TV show, so I'm putting it out for the first blog-reading network executive to steal. Go nuts with it, just don't mess it up! Stupid network executives.

Anyway... here's the premise: A cooking show -- an actual cooking show -- that is also a sitcom.

Here's how it would work: every episode, a cooking show would take place. The theme I thought of is awesome meals that you can prepare for less than $10 per person served. Hosted by some young attractive person. Over the course of the show, viewers will actually get enough info to prepare an awesome meal for under $10/person. BUT, the show is not really live, it's all staged. A sitcom is based around the cooking show, and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and awkward situations that the cast and crew get into. Kind of like the muppet show, in that it presents the performance, but also presents a plot based around the staging of the performance.

Anyway, there it is. It's a freebie, I got a million of 'em.

December 01, 2004

How to Bake: Muffins (with recipes)

Muffin is the subject around our house. Their nutrition, because they are delicious. They are faster and easier to make than cookies and much less, usually contain sugar and fat. We usually eat breakfast, but like them with any meal. (Easter, we served cranberry nut muffins ham dinner.) As well as their work snacks and desserts. Actors and hot muffins may be frozen at any time by microwave heating.

Today, we will use muffins muffins. (Just as there are two main methods of bread quick make-up are two ways to muffins, muffin method and the creaming method. In the muffin method) of liquid and dry materials, mixing, and then alone, until just combined. We will include tips and instructions to make perfect muffins and some streusel and first-class crown recipe your work.

To make muffins using the muffin method, select a favorite muffin recipe, and does not require sugar to the fat-based cream. (Query recipes, oil or ghee telephone.)

In preparation, grease the muffin tin. We want the oil from the aerosol spray cans can be achieved corners. Must cover the top edge, such as muffins baking will flow. (You can use paper liners, but insist on a little paper ball, you will have a slightly less amount of muffins.)

Preheat oven to set. Temperature is a very good secret dome muffins that you find a better baking in a store. Commercial microwave ovens use precise thermal environment and the timer. In the kitchen, we can approximate these results:

• Ensure that the oven completely heated before baking. We like to let the oven sit for at least 10 minutes ago, at full temperature and baking, so that heat is a good absorption into the structure of the oven.

• closed-trapped the heat as soon as possible.

• Set the temperature higher initial settings, lower the temperature later. High heat steam to create a sudden lift of the batter.

• placed in a muffin on a one-third of the oven, it is often the heat higher and more stable.

Always measure flour is to use the scale, if you have one. Flour muffin recipe-sensitive than the liquid. Too much flour and the muffins will not rise, and will be properly dry. Too little flour and muffins will flow to the edge of the muffin cups, rather than the ball very well. If you need to fine-tune your favorite recipes to change by one or two tablespoons of flour.

In order to make muffin cake class, using a lower protein powder, cake or pastry flour. All senior proteins purpose or bread flour would be like a muffin is hard to bite, more bread.

Back to the mix:

A large bowl whisk dry ingredients to ensure that the bread flour and other ingredients well together. Standby.

Whisk eggs with French whip or fork in a separate bowl. Add additional liquid and whisk by. (Some recipes will guide you to the liquid mixing sugar and salt, rather than add them to the dry ingredients to ensure that they are completely dissolved and evenly dispersed. We are willing to work with all muffin recipes do not belong to this cream.)

Making a good, dry ingredients Center. Add the liquid at once. Mixing and mix well, until the shovel, and wet, and some lumps remain. Do not over-mixing, stirring a lot of development in the flour, gluten and muffins will not be tender and fragile. In order to avoid over-mixing, we prefer a shovel into an electric mixer.

If you use your muffins fruit, they are gently folded in your mix with a minimum of folding the end. Fruit easily crushed the thick batter and the juice will stain the batter.

Fill a large spoon or ice cream scoop of the muffin tin. Please ensure that the muffin tin filling evenly, so that they bake evenly. The most direct recipes to fill the muffin tin two-thirds of magnitude for the full scope for development. If your ball in the right consistency, you can fill the dome of the tank a good muffin.

Baked muffins, until they are light golden brown. In the muffin top should spring back when gently insert a finger in the middle should come out clean toothpick pressure. More than baked muffins will be dry and tough. In the baked muffins, can be wet and heavy.

It is very easy to tear In addition to trying to lift them from the pot hot muffin. On the contrary, let muffins sit for a few minutes, you should be able to easily lift their fate. Placed in the lead-frame they continue to cool.

Muffin is most conducive to heat, do not remain far beyond the first day. To freeze any additional features.

Now, for those we have promised streusel recipe:

Brown Sugar and Nut Streusel Topping

1 / 2 cup walnut pieces

1 / 2 cup brown sugar

1 / 2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon cold butter

1. Chopped into small pieces of walnut.
2. Fried walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon together.
3. Cut with pastry cutter or two table knives cold cream.
4. Spoon batter in the muffin streusel mix evenly before baking.

Cinnamon, sugar Topping

1 / 2 cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon good quality cinnamon

6 tablespoons butter, melted

Mixed with cinnamon and sugar bowl. When you are the muffins from the tin, dip the butter is still hot muffins, and then rolling on top of cinnamon sugar.

October 09, 2004

Foods That Freeze Well

"Can I freeze it?" Is a problem often require in our homes, and with good reason. Maybe most of us at some time, had tried to freeze a particular food, it was found that it was not good, either deteriorate or become inedible to freeze. Here are some food, "frozen-friendly" ...

• In the casserole cooked poultry

• Cooked dried beans, rice or pasta

• meat baked bread

• the freezing of vegetables than meat, seafood, fruits and better.

• Most recipes contain vegetable juice

But some, such as peas and spinach, broccoli or frozen broccoli better than that. (Cauliflower becomes watery diarrhea to freeze.)

As long as you have proper food preparation and storage prior to, refrigerators, and select the appropriate foods, freezing, you should have no problem. This simple technique can easily save you time and money only a few minutes to prepare. Enjoy!

January 01, 2004

To Fry Or Not To Fry?

Here is a little-known factoid - did you know that KFC changed the slogan of retirement, KFC's image. On the contrary, they are called as the kitchen fresh chicken. Long Wesson Oil commercials that proudly encouraged the delicious dinner of fried chicken days. When was the last time you see a splash screen? How kind of Fry Daddy? It must be a pretty big sin to eat fried foods these days. Or what?

Take a look at Long John Simon Wolfers menu; only fried foods. In any menu, this, deep-fried beer battered shrimp query, fried clams, french fries, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs. Inland restaurant blooming onion, this puppy is oil soaked. Fried Fried Fried.

So perhaps no one will say is that deep-fried foods are good for you, but the state is definitely indulging in the grease laden foods, especially Americans. Maybe this is not a good time to the obesity statistics. However, this is the play, "It is really easy to drink!" Of course, a number of fried foods, but too greasy, but most of them just taste delicious. This is why spoil load of dealing with its own artery off so much food!

First, there are French fries, there are deep-fried dill pickles and deep-fried Oreo? This is how it happened leap? Do not forget the fried ice cream, fried peaches. Certainly this is not the full menu is not fried mushrooms, deep friend cheese sticks, cauliflower and deep friends? Maybe you fried vegetables, it is a little healthy life? How does it work? Or, if you have deep-fried nibble fattening, such as ice cream, Oreo, it is not important, because you have been deceived?

Nevertheless, it is continuing. There are deep-fried strawberries, Snickers, potato salad, pumpkin, tofu, cheese, rice balls, bananas, corn, shrimp, and even deep-fried turkey. Product leaflet claimed that bird wings ", the much juicier cooked frying pan!" So, we get out of a small desk Fry Daddy and went to the ground turkey pot model. Umm Qasr to determine.

Then what kind of oil major decided to use? Olives, peanuts, vegetables, rapeseed oil, lard, butter, margarine or Valvoline 10-40? Of course, you do not forget to check your saturated fat and saturated fat, unsaturated fats.

Maybe you should say fats. Do we have to decide whether deep-fried was a bad word? Happened to be a better word is fried. Fried Oreo - better health!